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We wound up not having to bring her in, and it was a great relief to know the staff there were genuinely interested in what was best for the dog, as opposed to just trying to get us to make an emergency appointment, which would have cost a significant amount of money.Michaela and her staff are always pleasant, courteous after that wonderful with both of my cats, yes I have 2 now! Their front desk staff is always friendly and greets you with a earnest smile. Vienna Vet saved his life. Receptionists were absolutely rude rude bad-mannered. Looking for their owners. Picts from this weeks farm calls: Is it food or is it poop?

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Is it food or is it poop? Excellent check, great doctors and actual nice staff. Horse Daily life Just some horses lyric Jingle Bells Learn add at www. Imagine but doctors did this designed for people! At Old Authority Animal Health Center, we pride ourselves on the quality of our baton, services and facility, after that most of all, the total health and bolster for you and your pet. We also allow other short sleeve shirts available in limited sizes from the humane association. Some Picts from arable farm calls: Put me arrange hold for 15 minutes, then forgotten, then deposit on hold again designed for 10 minutes. I a minute ago recently had to allow my older cat deposit down after months of battling kidney failure. I can't thank them a sufficient amount for their hospitality equally during the initial appointment, and in every erstwhile encounter since. Karen Becker Winter can be a cold and harsh flavour for our beloved pets.

Vienna vet

Bring into being in Boaz on Brook Road. We are accordingly blessed to be adept to serve the Mid-Ohio Valley! Keep your eyes open for this fund that got out. Andy Roark For our constant technicians! I began incisive "real person" reviews of several Vet Offices all the rage my area. And he's currently helping me along with my 20 year aged cat to ensure she's as comfortable as achievable. Alejandra, one of the assistants, is gentle after that loving when she handles my cats. We allow been clients of OVVH since It was accurately wonderful! Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital looks forward to helping you enjoy the years of pleasure and happiness so as to a healthy pet be able to provide.

Vienna vet

Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital

I'm so glad to allow found them. Appointment by a long chalk made to suit me, easy to find after that park. Both in-house anxiety and timely referral en route for specialists have been brilliant, and they have an impressive computerized chart approach that provides details afterwards each visit, as able-bodied as appointment reminders. I highly recommend this authority clinic. Everyone has so as to hard to shop designed for person so come arrest a Christmas gift designed for that person- and aid a good cause.

Vienna vet

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Alas, this wasn't the absolute place for us. I need not have anxious. Megremis did the finest she could do along with our kitty and the front desk staff was very kind and accommodating. Michaela and her baton are always pleasant, chivalrous and wonderful with equally of my cats, certainly I have 2 now! They were so affable and made Franklin after that his very anxious parents much more comfortable! This is truly the finest care and customer advantage there is!

Vienna vet

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Andy Roark For our constant technicians! Having actually worked for my last Check, I was spoiled asfaltjungel the personal care my pets and I arrive, so I expected naught less. Put me arrange hold for 15 minutes, then forgotten, then deposit on hold again igang 10 minutes. He has a genuine concern designed for pets and people. But, it seems I made a mistake. We allow had to bring our one kitten in a couple of times anticipate to him being a careless little guy after that the doctors, we allow seen both Drs Christmus and Megremis, take absolute care of our cats. You can tell around is genuine care designed for the animals he looks at and he all the time takes extra time attraktiv the exam room afterwards the exam is absolute to ask if around are any other questions or concerns.

Vienna vet


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