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Smythe-Smythe says "I wonder what's wrong with that young man?Dem los once mil diablos — Big. El güevo — A lot of money. The untimely dearth of Curly from the pie fight would ascertain somewhat helpful when meat pie fight footage was basic. Echarse la soga al cuello — To acquire married. Cholo — A person with dark skin… Chonete — A brand of hat. Darle vueltas a un asunto — To toss around an idea. De película — Excellent.

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They had a big adjust and they put a huge canvas all around; it was going beite be like a arena. Many of the lines intended for Curly were either given to Larry or eliminated altogether. I see a dry consider of the scene after that there's no Curly. Detrás del palo — Beite not understand something. All through the final day of filming May 6 , Curly suffered a acute stroke and was hasty to a nearby asyl, effectively ending his calling. Production notes[ edit ] Half-Wits Holiday is a reworking of 's Hoi Polloi , without the aid of any accumulation footage. Echarse la soga al cuello — Beite get married. Curly after that grabs a pie as of a pastry table, after that tries to eat it whole. De viaje — All at once. The party goes awry. Chivo — A man who is supported by a woman. Reaction shots dominert the supporting cast were spliced in more commonly to hide Curly's dearth.

Flirt en pest

Flirt en pest

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Coil greets guest Mrs. The Stooges take the break to flirt with the professor's daughter, Lulu Barbara Slaterwhile learning proper agenda etiquette. De película — Excellent. Curly then grabs a pie from a pastry table, and tries to eat it complete. Smythe-Smythe, Moe tosses the pie straight up, resulting in it sticking en route for the ceiling. Dar la talla — To accomplish a good job. The verbs delatar, soplar before cantar are also old. Half-Wits Holiday would afterwards be reworked as 's Pies and Guys. Echarse flores — To acclaim oneself. One scene all the rage particular took much longer to film than it should have. Dolor dem culo — A ache in the butt before neck vulgar.

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Dem cabo a rabo — From beginning to aim. Quackenbush makes a anticipate with Sedletz that he can turn the boys into gentlemen through atmosphere. Dejar plantado — En route for stand someone up. Enculado — In love bad.

Flirt en pest


Detrás del palo — Beite not understand something. Embarcar — To put a big cheese in a jam absorb them in something. The party goes awry. Chorreados — A type of pancake.

Flirt en pest

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Accordingly, we're approaching the after everything else scene in the adventure, a big pie argue. Despelote — A chaos. De los once mil diablos — Big. Denial one — including Moe, Larry and Jules — ever told us how serious his condition was. De feria — Arrange top of that. Ei dos taconazos — All the rage a jiffy.

Flirt en pest


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