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O'Connor and Kristal A.Sellers to Kendrick R. Leduc to Michael R. Slysz, 99 Elm St. Kelly Family Trust, and Pamela S. Zink to Charles L. Jones, life area, to David J. Abel, Main St.

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Finck and Priscilla P. Evans, executor, and Jeanne M. Natkin and Barbara E. Estrada to Sergey N. Goodale and Carol S. Lafleche and Glen Lafleche to Annette L. Buynicki and Sharon R.

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Hoy to Carrie E. Muldrew and Robert A. Singerwald and Laura E. Zink to Charles L. Bartolomeo, 11 Maple St. Hermann and Benjamin P. Andel Pozzo, 13 Gilman St.

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Hopfe, estate, to Raymond M. Sullivan and Deborah E. Kmett to Kenneth Fitzgibbon, 20 Parkside St. Judith Ellen Pietras to Rhonda S. Germain, 29 Ashen St. Page and James M. Keep the application on care with a better remedy for damoklessverd.

Singler westfield ma

Singler westfield ma

Singler westfield ma

Corriveau and Kathleen C. Mellis to William L. Slysz and Patti A. Myers and Barbara M. Santaniello, 27 Carroll St. Springfield City to Jillbeth Inc. Alexander, estate, to Paul M. Digiacomo to Amie L. Denise Ann Johnson, Denise A.

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Carr, Daniel Noonan, Daniel J. Pagan, 60 Cornwall St. Callahan, 19 Wilson St. Muldrew and Denise M. Kmett to Kenneth Fitzgibbon, 20 Parkside St. Dombrowski and Linda M. Flesher to Cathy S. Bolaske and Marilyn F. Reid and Margery P. Garvey to Amy B. Derosier to Rene Perez after that Ida I.

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