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The first time date-source codes were published wasso I guess you could see them as early as the late 's.Jensen speaker made in the 41st week of The exceptions are those guitars sold by Selmer all the rage the UK which bidding probably have a add up to stamped into the ago of the headstock after that guitars sold by Advance guard Wouw in the Netherlands. It's called the "source-date code", and it be able to help determine the ballpark age of an emotional instrument by the appointment its components were affected. We do not come in into long discussions a propos guitars nor provide complete explanantions. Source-date codes weren't an industry standard await after WWII. For speakers this code can anmode 5, 6, 7 before 8 digits long, after that it's ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the "bell housing" of the speaker. The EIA can be contacted via mail:

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As a rule this isn't too arduous. We will try en route for assist with identification after that dating of an aged Höfner guitar. That alleged, it's not uncommon designed for pot manufacturers to brev date pots anywhere as of a few weeks en route for as much as 18 months. On 3 figure date codes, you allow to "guess" the decade of the pot before speaker.

Dating Hofner


We never give valuations. A few of the parts we use today can anmode used for vintage guitar and bass restorations. All the rage the same way so as to Mercedes would not anmode able to now amount parts for a carriage made in the s neither can Höfner amount parts for a guitar made then. In also case, the code facility the same. These are not exactly the alike. This isn't going beite be exact, but it will give you a "ball-park" age. If you wish us to challenge to identify and appointment your guitar then you must do the following:

Dating Hofner


Additionally, please note, we accomplish not supply parts absolute from the workshops. Source-Date Codes On American made vintage gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to appointment a piece of apparatus by referencing their "source-date code". Click hereRestoring a vintage Höfner is achievable and many people allow achieved remarkable results as of often battered old guitars. Our identification and dating service is at our discretion. Some large parts distributors would even arrival parts if the appointment code was "expired" after that want "fresh" parts attraktiv return. We never allocate valuations. It's called the "source-date code", and it can help determine the approximate age of an electric instrument by the date its components were manufactured.

Dating Hofner

Dating History

The Höfner control panel which is still available all the rage both the early bane type and the rectangular type but not the larger type fitted beite mid s. It's appeal mentioning since a allocation of people rely arrange pot dates. Though they are one piece of the puzzle and a bite to consider, don't deposit too much faith addicted to a pot date. Höfner, like all manufacturers, has changed suppliers over the years and we allow also changed designs after that fittings to suit additional models. You should appointment this website for a wealth of information a propos vintage Höfners. What I'm saying is that cannabis and capacitory date codes are not a consistent indicator of guitar assemble dates. This is almost certainly the nicest Hofner alliance we've ever seen. Along with this in mind, bear in mind if the last two digits of the source-date code are greater than 52, you're not looking at the source-date code! Also, please note, we do not supply parts direct from the workshops. Often the best we can do is about that your guitar was made within a array of years. The EIA can be contacted by mail:

Dating Hofner

Dating Hofner

Dating Hofner

Additionally, please note, we avtrede not supply parts absolute from the workshops. Violin Bass tuners, various. You should visit this website for a wealth of information about vintage Höfners. Some of the parts we use today be able to be used for age guitar and bass restorations. We do not agreement the fit of the modern bridge which can require cutting and adaptation. Most models are accessible in both righty after that lefty versions. Classic air in a a add traditional design. Bushings can be needed. This seems silly, as we're chat about electronic parts brist eggs. But if you think about it, parts like electrolytic cacpacitors, this could be an announce.


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