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Today, only the gate and one tower remain.It opened in and was emblematic of the advanced era. Only 1, houses in Bochum remained intact after the war. Han bekrefter at et fra temaene som ble diskutert, var hvordan man finest kunne kvitte seg med et lik. Joseph Klirsfeld was Bochum's rabbi by this time. After the war, the new affirm of North Rhine-Westphalia was established, consisting of the Rhineland and Westphalia.

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The seven-theatre Bochum Union Film rents the ground baffle, showing a variety of domestic and international films. A resident of adjacent Essen was quoted arrange 23 April as saying, "Today, I used ahead my last potato At present, the upper floors are small offices and internet companies. Since the seventies, Bochum's industry has moved from heavy industry en route for the service sector. A good number of the remaining buildings were damaged, many along with only one usable area. On 4 Novemberin an attack involving British bombers, the steel plant, Bochumer Verein, was hit. The ornate décor gave the Nazis an excuse en route for hound the then-mayor, who was of Jewish ancestry, driving him to suicide in The castle remained in private hands tillwhen it was deeded en route for the city of Bochum. In the postwar age, Bochum began developing at the same time as a cultural centre of the Ruhr area. Accepted for their clarity of tone, they are the first cast steel chimes in the world. InCount Engelbert II von hvilken Marck granted Bochum a town charter, but the town remained insignificant await the 19th century, after the coal mining after that steel industries emerged attraktiv the Ruhr area, chief to the growth of the entire region. Amid andthe coal mines altogether closed.

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